The facilities

Beyond Comforts

Oceanfront Dining: Feast with a view, as the ocean becomes the backdrop to your delicious meal.

Stay Connected: With our high-speed Wi-Fi, never miss sharing your golden moments.

Taste of Goa: Dive into local flavors at our gourmet restaurant, or sip on signature seaside-inspired cocktails at our well-stocked bar.

Live Music Nights: Experience Goa’s rhythm and soul, from local talents to traditional performances.

Private Beach Access: A serene beach spot, exclusively for our guests.

Versatile Seating: From beachside cabanas to cozy firepit corners, find your perfect spot.

Celebrate With Us: Make your milestones memorable with our beachside private event services.

Local Artistry: Explore our corners of art and crafts, a collaboration of love with local artisans.

Location & Beach Features

Palolem – Goa’s Hidden Gem

Nestled in the heart of South Goa, Palolem Beach promises:

Golden Embrace: Soft golden sands perfect for sunbathing.

Whispering Waves: Enjoy the gentle lullaby of the Arabian Sea’s waves.

Dolphin Spotting: Witness these playful marine marvels in their natural habitat.

Vibrant Life: Experience the local life, colorful shacks, and gentle adventures.

Sunlit Walks: Meander along the beach with peaceful promenades.

Activities: Play Explore Connect


Beach Bonfires: Heartwarming bonfire nights with live acoustic music.

Lazy Corners: Dive into a book or challenge someone to a board game.

Star Gazing: Embrace the vastness of the universe with our stargazing nights.

Go Fly a Kite: Relive childhood joys with our kites, perfect for the Goan breeze.

Bingo/Tambola Nights: Engage in the evergreen game of Tambola or Bingo.

Golden Horizons: Never miss the mesmerizing sunrise or sunset on Palolem Beach.


Beach Exploration: Discover neighboring beaches like Agonda, Patnem, and Butterfly Beach.

Adventurous Waters: Set sail on boat trips, or paddle away on a kayak.

More adventures coming soon!